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Personalized Vet Services in the Stroudsburg, PA, Area

At Stroudsburg Animal Hospital, we know that your pet is an important member of your family. That's why the experienced and caring professionals from our Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, offer the best in vet services, including on-site allergy testing, to keep your beloved friend healthy and happy for a lifetime! End-of-life care is also available.
A Girl Hugging a Pet Dog - Routine Care in Stroudsburg, PA

Routine Care

Routine vet services are essential for maintaining optimal health, as well as to detect or manage health conditions. Should we diagnose any conditions, we'll prescribe a topical or oral treatment to ensure it's managed. The appointment also includes a complete wellness exam, which includes:
• Physical Examination
• Blood Work
• Dental Care
• Vaccinations
• Parasite Screening for Fleas, Ticks, & Heartworms
• End of Life Care

On-Site Testing for Allergies

A pet, like a person, can suffer from allergies, which can make life miserable. With allergy testing at our office, you can determine which food or environmental allergens affect your furry friend. Allergy testing is also available to determine skin conditions.

Contact us to ensure your pet lives a long, healthy, and happy life and bring them to us for vet services.